Just A Day

Roger Matelja Mugabirwe 5:00, Uganda

Uganda is a home to over 43 million people from over 60 beautiful tribes. We see the country through the eyes of a girl. The girl child represents the future of the Pearl of Africa country. It’s a journey of passion, hope and aspirations.

[Roger] Roja Matelja Mugabirwe is a Lawyer turned Filmmaker, Writer and Director. He has written and directed 5 short films, 1 documentary and 1 feature film. He has also worked on film in and out of Uganda as a crew member, such as Queen of Katwe (US,UG,SA), El Cuardeno De Sara (ESP,UG,DRC), Amazing Race (US,UG,UAE) Peking Express (BEL,FR,UG) MAHR (EGY) and many more.