Campeche Island World

Cláudio Felippio Júnior 52:52, Brazil

Campeche Island is a scenic and archaeological heritage listed by IPHAN. Known for its crystal clear waters and rock engravings, the island is one of the main tourist destinations in Santa Catarina. This documentary presents the agents who work daily in maintaining its environmental and cultural values.

Cláudio Felippio Júnior participated in 7 short films, mainly acting as editor and art director. In 2015, he co-created a YouTube channel called Tela em Foco, in partnership with his friend Dara Zimermann. The videos aired every week for 5 months. In 2016, he had his first participation as a technician at the Planeta.doc Socioenvironmental Film Festival, where he deepened his knowledge and interest in the environmental area.