Antz Colony

Ananda Jagoda 6:09, Sri Lanka

This short film captures the meticulous work of a colony of ants. Regardless of the dreary rain and the blazing sun, the ants march together to create a cosy home. It’s almost meditative to watch them at work and delightful to see their home take shape. When lockdowns and travel bans were imposed I took a walk around my garden. One of the joys I encountered is documented in this video.

Ananda Jagoda is a Creative Director and voracious traveller. He enjoys documenting the landscapes and people he meets. He has travelled nearly 50,000 Kms from the Great Wall to the Eiffel Tower – from the coolest Alps to the hottest deserts of Arabia. If it had not been for the pandemic, the winds would have carried him to a few more distant lands. He shares his travel experiences on his YouTube Channel: Ananda Jagoda’s Travelogue.

His photography can be viewed on his Photo Library: ViewBug/Ananda Jagoda.